Radioactive Material – Transportation & Logistics


Radiation Services WA can provide your company with a licensed Radiation Protection Advisor and approved Radiation Protection Program for a single consignment or the ongoing transport of radioactive material.

We are able to oversee and transport sources identified as “Security Enhanced” under the ARPANSA Security Code of Practice.

Radiation Services WA are able to train, mentor and advise your personnel until they are competent and licensed to oversee the consignment, transport and storage of radioactive material autonomously on your companies behalf.

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Radioactive Material –  Import & Disposal


Identifying a responsible licensed person is the most critical component when purchasing and importing radiation devices (radioactive sources or x-ray apparatus).

To expedite these processes, Radiation Services WA is able to purchase and import radiation sources on your behalf immediately, whilst training and mentoring your Radiation Safety Officer to ensure that when the radiation device arrives it can be delivered to your operations without delay.

In addition to the licensing component, we can assist with your site and premises registration, development of your radiation management systems, and provision of radiation survey equipment.


Radiation Services WA are able assist with all aspects of radioactive waste disposal or x-ray apparatus decommissioning.

We are able to identify, assess and plan for the storage, consolidation, transport and ultimate disposal of most radioactive waste, including sealed sources, and naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM).

We have established and proven disposal pathways and have first-hand experience with Australia’s only Class V Intractable Waste Disposal Facility.

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More About Radiation Import & Disposal

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