Our staff and specialist consultants are qualified professionals and have both the experience and expertise to meet the specific needs of your company or organisation.

Our Radiation Protection Advisors (RPA) are accredited and licensed as Radiation Safety Officers across all industrial uses of radiation and to conduct Compliance Auditing and issue Certificates of Compliance in Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.

Our Training Delivery staff are all Certificate IV Trainer & Assessor qualified and continue to also operate in Radiation Protection Advisor role to ensure that they are at the top of their game in both training and subject matter expertise.

A headshot of Simon Booth, the director of Radiation Services WA

Simon Booth

Managing Director, Radiation Services WA

Senior Radiation Consultant
Industrial Specialist

Simon has been working in radiation safety since 2001 as both a Government Regulator and a Senior Radiation Protection Advisor in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Industrial sectors.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Physics) degree a Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health, and is a qualified Trainer & Assessor under the Australian Quality Training Framework.

Simon started the company Integrated Safety in 2008 and this evolved to Radiation Services WA in 2018. In addition to working for Integrated Safety, Simon worked as a Senior Radiation Consultant for Radiation Professionals in WA between 2009 and 2018.

Radiation Services WA and Integrated Safety have extensive industry radiation management experience in the training and mentoring of Radiation Safety Officers, the import, transport and storage of radioactive material and the provision of specialist advice in the event of an incident/emergency or to help you respond to a regulatory audit or investigation.


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