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Employee Spotlight: Simon Booth

Meet Simon Booth, Principal Radiation Advisor Introduction In my role as Principal Radiation Advisor for Radiation Services WA (RSWA), I provide technical oversight for both internal and external projects. This entails ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, developing innovative solutions to complex radiological challenges, and often navigating incident [...]

Employee Spotlight: Matt Carroll

Meet Matt Carroll, Technical Operations Manager. Matt has worked for RSWA since September 2022 and has quickly become an integral part of the Operations Team. Matt has worked as a radiation safety officer, developed radiation safety programs, and managed radiological waste for numerous organisations across a variety [...]

When is a Radiation Safety Officer Required?

Understanding the role of the Radiation Safety Officer under WA’s new regulations The introduction in Western Australia of the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations 2022 (WHSMR) has created much uncertainty about how it will affect the management of radiation safety at mine sites. Companies have been turning to [...]

Employee Spotlight: Rod Shepheard

Meet Rod Shepheard, Project Manager.  Rod has worked for RSWA for just a few months and is fitting into our team nicely. What does your job entail? I work from the office or remotely in concert with other members of the team to oversee all aspects of [...]

Investigation and review begins after radioactive source is found

The radioactive capsule drama that has made headline news nationally and even internationally has finally ended. More than two weeks after the 8mm by 6mm Caesium-137 (Cs-137) radioactive capsule, or source as it is known, was lost, it was finally located on Wednesday 1 February by search teams 74km [...]


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