It is essential that all personnel exposed to radiation in a work environment be informed of the risks that are present. Radiation Services WA can provide training and assessment for you and your employees across the full range of use, protection, and monitoring of radiation sources, as well as awareness or induction training for new employees. We provide a curriculum that is tailored to meet the needs of your specific industrial sector — Oil & Gas, Mining & Resources, Transport & Logistics, or the Education & Research sectors.

Qualified Trainers and Assessors

Radiation Services WA Trainer and Assessors are Certificate IV Trainer & Assessor qualified, as well as experienced subject matter experts in their field. They are accomplished and proficient training delivery experts and are required to possess a high level of professionalism, interpersonal skills and a friendly, can-do attitude.

Radiation Services WA’s licensing courses are endorsed and approved across all Australian jurisdictions.

Training to Suit Your Needs

The level of training required should be commensurate with an individual’s level of experience/competence and the nature of their dealings with the radiation source.

Radiation Services WA deliver a broad range of training from RSO licensing and induction & awareness training, we offer specialised courses such as Advanced RSO, Responsible Person, and Use of  Radiation Survey Meter customised to the type of radiation you’re measuring.

Licensing courses are available for:

  • Transport of Radioactive Material

  • Fixed Radiation Gauges

  • Responsible Person

  • X-ray Analysis

  • Cabinet X-ray (Security)

  • Industrial Radiography

  • Portable XRF

  • Portable Density/Moisture Gauges

  • Borehole Logging

  • Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) Awareness

Radiation Workers

Upcoming Radiation Training Courses


Radiation Services WA’s course syllabus includes the following, in detail and level commensurate with prior training levels and qualifications:

  • Radiation Basics

  • Biological Aspects & Radiation in Perspective

  • Protection Principles

  • Radiation Monitoring

  • Regulatory Considerations

  • Radiation Specific Modules. i.e. gauges; x-ray; NORM

  • Transport of Radioactive Material

  • Procedures: Radiation Management; Security; Emergency

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