The legislative requirements around Radiation Safety Officers can be complex and vary across different radiation purposes and jurisdictions.

Radiation Services WA can provide the advice you need to ensure compliance and minimise both health and corporate risk for your company. Whether it is at the planning stage or part way along, our Radiation Safety Officers can provide advice regarding planning, transport, disposal, monitoring and compliance, as well as providing high quality and targeted training for you and your employees.

Our Radiation Protection Advisors are qualified professionals and have both the experience and expertise to meet the specific needs of your company or organisation. They are accredited and licensed as Radiation Safety Officers to meet a range of scenarios.

Statutory Requirements

Radiation Services WA is able to provide contracted Radiation Safety Officers to meet your statutory requirement on either a permanent, or transitory basis.

Example: –Did you know that when Fixed Radiation Gauges are in use in Western Australia, a licensee must be available to attend to an incident within one hour at all times – unless you’re a residential or metro site, this generally means a company needs multiple licensees to cover FIFO rosters, and employee leave rosters. (reference: Registration Condition 2.2)

Act early!

If you are just beginning to work with radiation sources (radioactive sources, or x-ray devices), we recommend that you engage Radiation Services WA early in your planning, allowing you the advantages of:

  • Identifying efficiencies within planning your company radiological requirements

  • Expediting purchasing and import of radioactive sources

  • Legislative advice on local requirements – expediting licensing, registrations, approvals

  • Fast turn-around of Radiation Management Plans

  • Regulatory liaison

  • Interim radioactive material storage solutions

Services such as these can be provided on an interim basis until such time as Radiation Services WA can train and mentor your company personnel to take over these functions.

Our experience in the field

Radiation Services WA’s personnel have provided statutory appointed Radiation Safety Officers and full Client Service Agreements to:

  • Universities and other Higher Education facilities;

  • Industry service providers such as fixed gauge manufacturers, radioactive waste management companies and other radiation service providers

  • Mining and Resource operations in construction phases (EPCMs), Geological Analysis companies, and sites in Care & Maintenance

  • Major Oil & Gas companies during startup and decommissioning, general operations (including sub-sea) and for companies providing service such as transport/logistics, non-destructive testing and hydraulic fracturing.

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