Montebello Islands: Existing Exposure Site Monitoring

“Montebello Islands: Existing exposure site monitoring strategy and decision support” presented by Megan Cook from ARPANSA. Our Business Manager Susanne Staton attended the Australasian Radiological Protection Society webinar in December and has [...]

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Responsibilities of Registrant – FAQ’s

At RSWA we’re seeking to support business continuity through engagement of the Radiological Council (RCWA) in terms of the provision of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) consultancy services.  Our intention was [...]

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What’s in a waste facility…

This is a short (and hopefully sweet) #RSWATalk we wanted to get out there given the timing is close and for the multitude of companies with radioactive waste in storage [...]

Maintenance and Modifications

Fixed radiation gauges... Are designed to be installed, commissioned and left in place for a long period of time, governed by the source’s manufacturer imposed recommended working life, which is [...]

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Transport of Radioactive Material

Simon Booth, RSWA’s MD presented at a Dangerous Goods conference recently outlining the complexities and differences with the transport of radioactive material in different jurisdictions.  At this RSWATalks episode, for [...]

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An Incident Examined – Fixed Radiation Gauge Disassembled

This story starts with Simon Booth from Radiation Services WA (RSWA for short) getting a request to assist with the replacement of a fixed radiation gauge which was being used [...]

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