Xray Analysis (XRA) Compliance Testing

Compliance Auditing typically has two broad auditing components - an audit of the radiation devices themselves, and an audit of the radiation management systems surrounding the use of these devices. X-ray Analysis (XRA) apparatus are generally all fully-enclosed these days and their safety depends on a combination of engineered [...]

Xray Analysis (XRA) Compliance Testing2021-06-18T12:07:24+08:00

 Montebello Islands: Existing Exposure Site Monitoring

“Montebello Islands: Existing exposure site monitoring strategy and decision support” presented by Megan Cook from ARPANSA. Our Business Manager Susanne Staton attended the Australasian Radiological Protection Society webinar in December and has kindly summarised the webinar and highlighted some of the following key takeout for anyone interested in doing a spot of [...]

 Montebello Islands: Existing Exposure Site Monitoring2021-06-18T12:30:47+08:00

Responsibilities of Registrant – FAQ’s

At RSWA we’re seeking to support business continuity through engagement of the Radiological Council (RCWA) in terms of the provision of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) consultancy services.  Our intention was to be pro-active on behalf of our regulated community to provide coverage, where circumstances such as the loss of appropriately [...]

Responsibilities of Registrant – FAQ’s2020-05-25T13:57:29+08:00

How to manage and store your Radioactive Waste

Following on from our last RSWA Talks article, What’s in a waste facility,  and with this years disposal to the Intractable Waste Disposal Facility (IWDF) in Mount Walton being put off until later in the year we thought it topical and important to discuss how you might correctly manage and [...]

How to manage and store your Radioactive Waste2020-04-01T16:02:28+08:00

Maintenance and Modifications

Fixed radiation gauges... Are designed to be installed, commissioned and left in place for a long period of time, governed by the source’s manufacturer imposed recommended working life, which is typically fifteen years. The devices themselves and the radiation management system for these devices should be audited at least annually [...]

Maintenance and Modifications2019-12-16T17:53:20+08:00

Transport of Radioactive Material

Simon Booth, RSWA’s MD presented at a Dangerous Goods conference recently outlining the complexities and differences with the transport of radioactive material in different jurisdictions.  At this RSWATalks episode, for those that weren't at that conference and were interested to know more, we wanted to share a summary with you... [...]

Transport of Radioactive Material2019-10-30T13:52:46+08:00

Dose limits

There is a lot of information available internationally and within Australia on ‘safe’ levels of radiation exposure and on legislative dose limits. Although Dose Limitation is an important radiological management principle (legally required, clearly), it is also useful to explore the Dose Justification and Dose Optimisation principles. Justification involves a [...]

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An Incident Examined – Fixed Radiation Gauge Disassembled

This story starts with Simon Booth from Radiation Services WA (RSWA for short) getting a request to assist with the replacement of a fixed radiation gauge which was being used for level detection on a minesite hopper. Simon met at the client’s site with a Project Engineer to risk assess [...]

An Incident Examined – Fixed Radiation Gauge Disassembled2019-10-22T08:53:29+08:00

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