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The rise of EVs turns attention to NORM safety requirements

New technologies inevitably spark new forms of exploration. Most recently, the rising interest in electric vehicles has led to more exploration applicants hoping to take advantage of the demand for the rare earth materials used in EV batteries. These include chemical elements such as dysprosium and lithium as well [...]

Employee Spotlight: Emma Craig

Meet Emma Craig, Business Administrator at RSWA.  Emma has worked for RSWA for two years and is one of our key personnel.  Emma is the face behind our Accounts Team, managing the systemic tracking, storing, recording, and analysing of RSWA's financial matters as well as assisting our clients [...]

From earth to space: What’s your risk from ionising radiation?

Two manikin torsos, referred to by NASA as phantoms, will join a mannikin named Moonikin Campos aboard the Artemis I mission, which will take the Orion spacecraft on a 42-day, 1.3 million-mile, uncrewed mission as far as 280,000 miles from Earth. The role of the torsos, named Helga and [...]

Managing the Reliability and Safety of your pXRF Analyser

Portable x-ray fluorescence (pXRF) analysers are important tools in mining and other industries for the purpose of measuring the elemental composition of a sample. They are widely used by metallurgists, geologists, people in the scrap metal industry and even by archaeologists to assist with discovery. For the mining industry, [...]

Vacancy: Technician – Radiation Protection

RSWA is a progressive company with over 200 years of combined radiation protection experience. Our aim is to provide quality radiation protection advice for a safer community. We are driven by a commitment to quality and authenticity that is customer centric. We are a highly qualified, passionate, and experienced [...]


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