Radiation Services WA has vast experience in the Transport and Logistics Sector.
We have trained (and licensed) countless personnel from transport companies of all sizes and servicing all industries (Medical, Oil & Gas, Mining, General Industrial) to fulfil their companies statutory Radiation Safety Officer requirements.
We specialize in assisting with review or initial development of Radiation Protection Programs and Radiation Management Plans for the transport and storage of radioactive material.

Radiation Safety Services We Offer For Your Industry

Additional Radiation Services for Transport & Logistics

We provide contract radiation management services such as licensee provision for import, transport and interim storage of radioactive material.
We perform expert security assessments of your practices against the requirements of the Security Code of Practice (ARPANSA RPS 11). We can develop endorsed Source Security Plans and Source Transport Security Plans for the transport, use or storage of Security Enhanced Sources.
Radiation Services WA has a number of transport licensees, an endorsed Radiation Protection Program and the approval to transport Security Enhanced Sources under an endorsed Source Transport Security Plan.

Whether you are transporting sealed radioactive sources, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (LSA-I, Surface Contaminated Objects – SCO) or unsealed isotopes, we have the expertise to keep you moving in the right direction.

A geiger Counter being used to check the radiactivity of a box
  • Identifying efficiencies within planning your company radiological requirements;

  • Expediting purchasing and import of radioactive sources;

  • Legislative advice on local requirements – expediting licensing, registrations, approvals

  • Fast turn-around of Radiation Management Plans

  • Regulatory liaison; and

  • Interim radioactive material storage solutions

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Why use Radiation Services WA?

We have proven know-how and reliability, with a reputation for prompt and professional service in WA and elsewhere in Australia – our consultants have extensive experience having worked in regulatory and industrial radiation management capacities.

Our personnel have been commended for their ability to talk about radiation safety in simple terms and to put the risks into real-world perspective.

We are here to help and no matter what you require in the field of radiation management, we’re able to able to deliver a timely and customised solution to suit your needs.

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