Radiation Services WA have been providing radiation protection advice to the Mining and Resources Sector since 2008. We offer a total client radiation management solution to a wide variety of clients and commodities and across a broad spectrum of industrial radiation practices such as plant process control (gauging devices, instream analysis), elemental analysis (laboratory or portable x-ray analysis equipment), non-destructive testing, and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).

Some of the services we offer include the Provision and Training of Radiation Safety Officers (regulatory licensing course), Radiation Device Accreditation, Compliance Auditing and Annual Reporting, and Radiation Management Systems review, to name a few.
We can assist with all phases of mining operations including start-up, routine operations and maintenance, transition to (and from) care & maintenance, or decommissioning.

We would love to discuss any aspect of radiation management with your company to determine your specific needs.

Additional Radiation Services for Mining

Radiation Services WA prides itself on offering a dynamic and customised service to specifically meet your company requirements. We offer a complete radiation management solution through an entire operation life cycle.

We have major project EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) experience assisting companies with expediting purchasing of devices, commissioning, and legislative transition to the operator.

If you’re just beginning to work with radiation equipment (radioactive sources, or x-ray devices), engaging Radiation Services WA early in your planning, provides the advantages of:

  • Identifying efficiencies within planning your company radiological requirements;

  • Expediting purchasing and import of radioactive sources;

  • Legislative advice on local requirements – expediting licensing, registrations, approvals

  • Fast turn-around of Radiation Management Plans

  • Regulatory liaison; and

  • Interim radioactive material storage solutions

At the other end of the mining life cycle, we’re very experienced in assisting companies transition into and out of Care & Maintenance. We’re able to assist with regulatory liaison, un-installing devices; establishing on or off-site storage facilities, provision of interim Radiation Safety Officers, and amending Radiation Management Plans (RMP) to reflect your sites current operating status.

Within your established radiation management processes, it’s very important to maintain a close eye on radiation safety status. It is equally important to maintain both radiation management systems and the physical radiation devices themselves.

Contact us should you wish to discuss any of the specifics around these requirements, or should you wish to enquire about the training of additional personnel to improve your resilience in this area.

Radiation Device Accreditation and Compliance Auditing

Our Radiation Protection Advisors (RPA) are experienced and licensed to use and accredit all industrial radiation purposes in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory including Fixed Radiation Gauges, Portable Density/Moisture Gauges, X ray Analysis devices, Portable XRF, Industrial Radiography (NDT), Borehole / Wireline Logging, Special Purpose Enclosed X-ray equipment (eg, Diamond Sorting) and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).
Wipe (contamination) testing and contamination clearances are generally performed in conjunction with site compliance auditing.
Whilst performing compliance auditing, our RPAs are more than happy to provide assistance or advice on complementary matters such as radiological risk assessments, installation of devices, commissioning of devices or provision of radiation survey meters and personal dosimeters.

Incident and Emergency Response

We have a number of specialist personnel who were previously Career Firefighters with Radiological and Hazardous Materials response expertise. This unrivalled expertise has proved invaluable in bringing incidents or emergencies under control and to assist with remediation processes and subsequent incident investigation.

Radiation Monitoring

The use of radiation survey meters would seem simple, however there are many complexities that may not be immediately obvious. Radiation Services WA are able to provide advice on how to get the most out of your site survey meter, or provide advice on which is the best survey meter for you to purchase, based on your site’s requirements.
Through collaborations with the suppliers of radiation monitoring equipment, we are able to supply radiation survey meters, contamination survey meters and ancillary equipment such as dose equivalent filters.
We can provide Personal Radiation Monitoring Devices – both Personal Electronic Dosimeters and passive devices such as OSL or TLD – on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Why use Radiation Services WA?

We have proven know-how and reliability, with a reputation for prompt and professional service in WA and elsewhere in Australia – our consultants have extensive experience having worked in regulatory and industrial radiation management capacities.

Our personnel have been commended for their ability to talk about radiation safety in simple terms and to put the risks into real-world perspective.

We are here to help and no matter what you require in the field of radiation management, we’re able to able to deliver a timely and customised solution to suit your needs.

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