And that folk’s, was 2021… Gone in a flash!!!

We’ve had a really successful year, by all measures, and we put this down to the experience and adaptability of our team, along with a passionate approach to all-things Radiation Protection.  We celebrated a huge Bicentennial Milestone this year, in that our team’s collective Radiation Protection experience clicked over the 200-year mark! 

Looking back over the year, we learnt that we still needed to remain flexible as COVID-19 continued to challenge us, even here in WA, but luckily only with short, sharp, snap-lockdowns.  Our clients, and our team have adapted well (and found efficiencies) with collaborative working and a seemingly endless list of Teams / Zoom meetings.   

One example of COVID inspired innovation was the introduction of our industry-first ‘Desktop Compliance Auditing Program’ – the DCAP allowed us to maintain support and compliance for our clients without the requirement for a Radiation Protection Advisor to physically visit the site. 

We’re interested to see how the WA Government border opening in early 2022 will affect things and are looking forward to a huge year ahead as our team continues to grow!  2022 is certainly going to be massive year!   

In exciting news, we will be launching new Online Training Courses, and some new courses early next year – namely an Industrial Radiography Assistant and a 5-day Advanced RSO course – basically offering more options and flexibility to obtain your Radiation Training Certification.  

After numerous client requests, we’ll be rolling out RSWA’s Radiological MSDS and our recently developed NORM decay charts, which combine useful NORM information in an easy-to-read format. 

So, please rest assured, all of us here at RSWA will still be doing our absolute upmost, whether its online, in person – being the ever optimistic, I hope it’s business as normal for 2022.  

From the RSWA Team, best wishes to you and your team and we wish everybody a happy and safe holiday season.  

We look forward to working with you all again in the new year. 

 Simon Booth

Managing Director