Nuclear Waste and the AUKUS Submarine Deal


What does AUKUS mean for radioactive waste management? The AUKUS submarine deal between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom has raised a lot of questions about the use of nuclear reactors and the management of the nuclear waste when those reactors come to the end of their [...]

Nuclear Waste and the AUKUS Submarine Deal2023-03-21T08:52:30+08:00

 Montebello Islands: Existing Exposure Site Monitoring


“Montebello Islands: Existing exposure site monitoring strategy and decision support” presented by Megan Cook from ARPANSA. Our Business Manager Susanne Staton attended the Australasian Radiological Protection Society webinar in December and has kindly summarised the webinar and highlighted some of the following key takeout for anyone interested in doing a spot of [...]

 Montebello Islands: Existing Exposure Site Monitoring2021-06-18T12:30:47+08:00

Responsibilities of Registrant – FAQ’s


At RSWA we’re seeking to support business continuity through engagement of the Radiological Council (RCWA) in terms of the provision of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) consultancy services.  Our intention was to be pro-active on behalf of our regulated community to provide coverage, where circumstances such as the loss of [...]

Responsibilities of Registrant – FAQ’s2022-09-20T13:11:46+08:00


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