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Transport of Radioactive Material

Simon Booth, RSWA’s MD presented at a Dangerous Goods conference recently outlining the complexities and differences with the transport of radioactive material in different jurisdictions.  At this RSWATalks episode, for those that weren't at that conference and were interested to know more, we wanted to share a summary with you... [...]

Transport of Radioactive Material2019-10-30T13:52:46+08:00

Dose limits

There is a lot of information available internationally and within Australia on ‘safe’ levels of radiation exposure and on legislative dose limits. Although Dose Limitation is an important radiological management principle (legally required, clearly), it is also useful to explore the Dose Justification and Dose Optimisation principles. Justification involves a [...]

Dose limits2019-10-19T12:01:08+08:00

Radiation Dose in Perspective

Radiation Services WA feel that putting radiation exposure into perspective is one of our most important functions.  Radiological risks should not be underestimated, but nor should they be exaggerated. Commonly radiation exposure from workplaces are compared to radiation exposures from medical fields, aircraft travel, and natural background levels. Rather than [...]

Radiation Dose in Perspective2019-10-19T16:20:30+08:00


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